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Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Sex Ray

One of the more obscure genres of film, one that gets little talked about by the heavyweight or lightweight critics, is the Sex Ray genre. That is too say movies that feature a device that somehow gets women too be absurdly attracted to weedy/geeky men.
Some years ago I made a film called, "Can You Keep It Up With This That And The Other For Week?", whose plot featured just such a device that caused all sorts of saucy related mayhem Professor Gaylord used the machine on the hapless protagonist, Robin Evans.
I was therefore intrigued when soon after I had written the film that I came across on ebay a strange American video tape that had the title 'The Sex Ray'. I immediately put in the required bid of 99 cents (approximately 60 British pence). I won the bid, and sent off my remittance. Some considerable time later, after I had forgotten all about it, a battered package arrived. It contained a rather large cardboard box, which had upon it some rather spectacularly bad cover art that managed to not give much away about the film.
Get Beamed! it screams, but does not give much away. Perhaps the back cover does. Aha! Some cast names, Barry Andrews and Sally Faulkner, a running time and some plot notes. Shy librarians ripping off their clothes... stuffy secretaries losing their inhibitions. It's all starting to sound good. I did some research and realised that this was a 70's British sexcom called 'I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight'. This was a Joe McGrath directed/David McGillivray scripted effort that I was actually quite looking forward to watching. Alas, fate conspired against me. Alarm bells first started ringing when I noticed that the tape inside was only a 60 minute one. This did not bode well for a film that was supposedly 84 minutes long. I tried to watch the tape. The beginning had a bit of fuzz on it, which very rapidly got worse. All I could see were vague shapes and sporadic bursts of dialogue. I watched a few more minutes, but it was the same all the way through. I fast forwarded it the rest of the way and discovered that the film was only about 50 minutes long. Not only could I not see it, but what I could not see was a truncated 50 minute version! Nevertheless, I held on to this useless piece of ephemera and am still the proud owner of it all these years later. With these types of film increasing in popularity, I now own a copy on DVD and am alarmed at some of the plot similarites between this film and my own. I guess that there are only limited ways you can go in the story with a Sex Ray device...
I would be intrigued to know of any more examples of this genre, including the rumoured lost classic from Japanese master Ozu - Sumo Wrestling Kamikaze Nuns Meet The Sex Ray Of Death.

So I leave you with another chance to see the classic 'Can You Keep It Up With This That And The Other For Week?


  1. Mr. Karno, though you never write I have given you an award.

  2. I had a copy of I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight for ages; it was the hour-long version but perfectly watchable. You could have had it, but sadly, it never left Catford when I moved. In fact, I stashed loads of rubbish under the loose floorboards of the flat I was renting at the time, so it may still be there. 66A Canadian Avenue, if you're interested. Your film is much better, though, if you want an excuse to save the petrol.